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As a registered charity we must raise 100% of our income.  We depend on the valued generosity of our supporters. ​

The Trust is looking actively to increase its donor pool to fund residential experiences in the prestigious residency programme for international artists at Gasworks in London.  At CBAT we believe that helping a Bolivian artist experience the London art scene will have a dramatic impact on his/her career and will influence and motivate artists in Bolivia.  In addition, we would like to fund the publicizing of Bolivian artists that will inspire international artists and model the younger generations.​

The funding proposal for the 2022 three-month residency programme at Gasworks is £10,000 (USD 14,000). To see the detailed costs please click on the attached document: 

Ways you can Help Support Us

You can support our work and our Bolivian artists by donating any amount, no matter how small.  All donations help make a difference!  

Your donation will directly contribute to funding a residency at Gasworks. Additionally, it will help fund our annual visual arts competitions that will allow CBAT to identify and promote the up-and-coming Bolivian talent in different visual arts.  As a supporter, you will become closely involved with our activities and you will be notified of any CBAT special event.


You may donate directly into our CBAT UK account: 

Sort code 20-90-74

Account 63725251


Using Apple Pay or credit card:

Alternatively you may also help by getting involved as a volunteer or becoming a vital member of our Trust.


If you would like to become a Corporate Patron please contact us directly and if you would like to partner with us, please get it touch!


Hands needed!


Thank you for your generosity! 

Ways you can help
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